Do I Have Bad Karma for Debian?

[ Thanks to darkduck for this link.

“First try of Aptosid was… unsuccessful. Simply because Live
device could not be found. You can see results of this boot on the
screenshot – taken in Qemu, but exactly the same as in cold run.
Maybe that’s because Aptosid is not working with Unetbootin?

“Let’s try the way which always works with iso images: burn it
to CD. So, CD-RW is burnt. Reboot. Let’s try again!

“This time I managed to boot Aptosid. First welcome screen is
quite usual for different Linux systems. It allows you to choose
different parameters, like say screen resolution of language. I
selecter Enlish (UK) there.

“There were no additional screens where I had to interact with
the system before Aptosid was finally booted into KDE environment.
This is nice, because some distributives simply annoy you even
before you see it working.”

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