Enterprise Systems Journal: Business Intelligence: The Open Systems Cult: Linux and Data Warehousing

The children of the open systems revolution have spoken,
and the word is Linux. Evolving from the primordial world of
cyberspace, Linux is rapidly emerging as a significant platform
that will play an important role as an enterprise server
The hallmark of Linux is its open systems heritage;
in essence, the very foundation of the global village we now call
the Web….”

“This month, we focus on Linux and apply the technology
perception reality check (TPRC) to the raging Linux hype in the
market. On the Bleeding Edge takes a look at DataMirror’s new
Transformation Server for OS/390, which can facilitate
business-to-business e-commerce….”

“In the first wave of Linux, many early adopters have
implemented primarily Web servers; database and data warehousing
servers will be one focus of the second wave of Linux adoption in
the enterprise. As a stable and already 64-bit operating system,
Linux will undoubtedly play an important role as an inexpensive
database server, operational data store and data warehouse/data