Fairfax IT: Linux aiming for corporate desktops

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“Linux will soon benefit from programs built using classic
Windows-style rapid application development (RAD) tools, making the
rebel operating system more viable on corporate desktops. Officials
at Inprise (formerly Borland) say Delphi for Linux is on track to
ship midyear, while C++ Builder for Linux will be available before
the end of the year.”

The server part of Linux is still stronger than the
desktop,” David Intersimoni, Inprise’s vice president for developer
relations said. “But as (Microsoft’s) Visual Basic helped Windows
get desktop applications up fast, Delphi will do the same for

“Intersimoni said Windows developers will have a “very
comfortable time” with his company’s tools on Linux. However he
wasn’t able to comment on how many developers would recompile their
Windows applications for Linux. But even with common development
tools, dependency on peculiar operating system functions or
platform services may complicate matters. For example, Windows has
only one end-user interface “shell” comprising desktop, taskbar and
explorer functions, while many different shells are available on

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