Five problems Linux still needs to overcome

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“Big business loves Linux for servers and they seem to
like it more than you might expect for the desktop. That said,
enterprises still have some concerns about Linux. Here’s the top
five as picked by people who responded to The Linux Foundation’s
recent corporate and government end-user survey: “Linux Adoption
Trends: A Survey of Enterprise End Users.”

“Before diving into these problems, I’d like to point out
something. These are the opinions of business people who, for the
most part, are already Linux users. Questions like, whether KDE or
GNOME is the better desktop interface or just how cool Ubuntu 10.10
is, matter a whole lot less to them then do to Linux fans or
programmers. Instead, they care about how they can use Linux to
advance their work. They don’t love Linux for its own sake. They
love it because of what it can do for them. So, let’s get on with
their list of concerns in the order they gave them in

“1. Drivers

“Yes, its 2010 and almost any device you can name inside or
outside a computer has a Linux driver, but 39.4% of business users
still have concerns about Linux drivers. Sigh.”

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