How To Build A Linux Web Server With An Old Computer [Part 1]

“Interested in learning about Linux or running a home web
server? Installing Linux on a spare old computer is a pretty easy
thing to do these days with many consumer friendly distributions
such as Ubuntu and Mint Linux. After getting up and running you
will have a platform for hosting your website in-house either for
development or to self-host a website.

“This how-to article is broken down into 4 major steps: 1.
Acquire an old computer, 2. Install Operating system, 3. Set up the
application web server software (Apache, PHP, MySQL), and 4.
Reaching the computer from the internet.

“Acquire an Old Computer

“Linux is a versatile operating system in that it can be run on
the slowest of PCs, at least in command line mode. For simplicity’s
sake, we are going to be running Ubuntu 10.10 “Maverick Meercat”
which was just released and reviewed by Justin.”

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