IDA: Dutch Prize Awarded for “Most Open Government”

“Today, at the Dutch Government’s OSOSS Symposium held in
Rotterdam with over 500 participants, a prize was awarded on behalf
of the Dutch Minister of the Interior Thom de Graaf to the most
‘open’ government organisation in the Netherlands. This award, for
the most practical and innovative use of open source software and
open standards in the public sector, was awarded jointly to the
Unie van Waterschappen (Union of Water Boards) and the Waterschap
Zeeuwse-Vlaanderen (Water Board for Zeeland-Flanders).

“The prize–a trip for two to the Open Source Conference held in
Malaga in 2005–was given on the Minister’s behalf by Dr H J M van
Zon, Director of the Innovation and Public Sector Information
Policy Department at the Ministry of the Interior…”