Installing iRedMail And Mailman On Debian Squeeze

[ Thanks to Falko
for this link. ]

“I’m a big fan of iRedMail, which is basically a packaged
version of Postfix and the other bits that make Postfix cool, like
Spamassassin, greylisting and an LDAP or MySql back-end. One thing
I wanted with iRedMail is Mailman, my favourite mailing list
server. Integrating the two can be a mission though, so here’s some
instruction to save you from quite a bit of pain.

“The iRedMail guys offer a free admin console for managing user
accounts. I subscribe to iRedMail’s Pro version of its admin
console, which is very useful for clients to self-manage. I don’t
have anything to do with iRedMail, apart from being a

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