Intl Herald Tribune: IT Managers Cite Security and Competition When Choosing a Linux System

“A Cannes-based private investigator, Alain Stevens, recently
switched computer operating systems from Windows to Linux. ‘It’s a
security issue,’ Stevens said. ‘Viruses which target Windows could
send confidential documents from my machines to random people–and
that could send me to prison.’

“Citing cost savings, open standards and enhanced security, the
German government in June reached a Linux deal with International
Business Machines Corp. and SuSE Linux AG of Germany for its local,
state and federal computer its local, state and federal computer

“And as the City Council in Nottingham, England, plans a new
software application for 10,000 employee workstations, it is
seriously asking the question, ‘Are we going to run this on Windows
or open-source, like Linux…?'”


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