Irish Times: Open source may reshape the software industry

“Forrester claims that Microsoft will be hit hardest. Forrester
analysts say the company’s business model will clash so severely
with the new open source-fueled development and distribution models
that the company’s market share will shrink for the first time in
its history.”

“Mr Fiachra Ó Marcaigh, operations editor at online.ie,
says that Forrester’s claims seem to represent an extreme scenario.
He believes Linux will give Microsoft a run for its money, and the
revelations from internal memos in the antitrust case show that
Microsoft is worried about it.”

“Mr Ó Marcaigh said the advantage for companies in
opening the source code of applications was that it offered them
access to large-scale bug-testing. In many cases, the companies
could not employ enough people to do this themselves.”