Joyent adds Windows, Linux support

“Joyent is now hosting applications built on Windows and Linux,
opening the door to Web application providers who have some
components built on those operating systems.

“”We’ve bumped into situations where our specialized OS, which
is really good for Java, PHP, and other languages used in
traditional Web apps, wasn’t as affective for people who had
significant investment in Windows and Linux,” said Adrian Ludwig,
vice president of marketing at Joyent. “They had to rewrite or at
least do some porting and in some instances that could be fairly

“Joyent uses its own software, known as SmartOS, to run the
virtualization in its data centers. The company says that the
software allows it to get much better utilization of servers in its
data centers than its competitors. That increase in efficiency
translates into lower costs for customers, Ludwig said.”

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