Koha’s Web Installer, Crontab, and Other Server Configurations

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“Executing Koha’s web installer

“In this section of the article, we will learn how to execute
Koha’s web installer. The web installer performs several important
functions such as creating Koha’s database structure or populating
mandatory administrative settings. It can also populate optional
settings and sample data such as MARC frameworks or patron
categories. The installer is launched from the staff client
interface using Koha’s MySQL user and is a series of interactive
steps. At the end of the process we will be able to launch Koha’s
staff interface and its OPAC.

“Understanding the web installer’s functions

“Koha’s web installer performs the following functions:

* Checks for the existence of Koha’s database, the connectivity
to the database, and if the database user has the required
privilege on the Koha database.
* Creates Koha’s database structure—its tables, relationships
between tables, database constraints, and other rules.
* Accepts user input on important configuration questions such as
Language or MARC flavor.”

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