Linux Expo ’99 Technical and Business Track Information Now Available

The 5th Annual Linux Expo website has been updated to include
Technical and Business Track information. Share the latest
developments in Linux technology May 18-22nd, in Raleigh, NC. Also,
just announced the ExtremeLinux Track, www.extremelinux.org.


The scope of this track, organized by members of the
ExtremeLinux mailing list is ExtremeLinux and Beowulf as it
pertains to the following: (1)Introducing cluster creation and
programming to the wider community of Linux programmers and users.
(2) To serve as a platform for introducing and furthering the
adoption of Linux amongst business and other non-scientific users,
and thus to be a platform for showcasing scientific and
non-scientific applications. (3) To have talks on the “Linux”
aspects of extremelinux, talks that would be interesting to the
linux user and programmer community at large, for example, kernel
programming like filesystems, system administration, etc.

The program will consist of a highlighted speaker, an
extremelinux technical track(within Linux Expo), tutorials, and a
BoF session. The ExtremeLinux folks will host live demonstrations
at their booth and other cluster related booths will be part of the

The ExtremeLinux Sat. sessions will cost $35 to attend, while
the technical program, EL Highlighted Speaker, and BoF’s will be
included in the rest of Linux Expo.


If your company would like to sponsor an ExtremeLinux Speaker
please contact [email protected]

[email protected]
phone 919.942.3318
fax 919.933.9233