Linux Journal: Constructing Red Hat Enterprise Linux v. 3

“Many people have little understanding of the behind-the-scenes
efforts required to construct an enterprise Linux distribution. The
fact that this process largely can be taken for granted is actually
a compliment. This article offers a glimpse into the methodology we
used to deliver Red Hat Enterprise Linux v. 3 (Enterprise Linux v.
3). As you will see, we faced numerous challenges along the way.
Then again, if it would have been easy, it wouldn’t have been so
much fun.

“Throughout this article, the focus is on how the release was
put together. This article primarily discusses the development of
the kernel used in Enterprise Linux v. 3. The kernel is only a
fraction of an overall distribution, the portion that controls the
underlying hardware and system resources. The challenges faced by
the other teams, with projects such as compiler tools, the
installer, hundreds of application packages, documentation and
testing, are equally daunting. Each of these items was developed by
gifted individuals…”


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