Linux Journal: Linux Plays Well with Others

While many promote Linux as the one true operating system
or the answer to all problems, it really is necessary to be a
little more pragmatic. Even if Linux is the word of the supreme
being, lots of computers that aren’t yet running Linux are still
out there.
This situation is likely to continue for years to

“The good news is that Linux plays well with others. By that, I
mean Linux inter-operates with other types of computers and
operating systems….”

“But there is more to the world of computing than UNIX systems,
so Linux still needed to do some growing. Fortunately, the power of
the Internet was too much even for Microsoft to change, and they
found it necessary to add TCP/IP capabilities to their systems.
This meant that Windoze systems shared a common way to transfer
bits but it did not offer file system support, making it possible
to just use files rather than having to transfer them between
computer systems.”


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