Linux releases a cleaner, tighter kernel 2.6.22

“As Torvalds writes in the changelog, “For too many years, Linux
wireless support has worked, but not very well. 2.6.22 has a
completely new, better wireless stack included. This new wireless
stack has been donated by the known Wi-Fi specialist company

“This new wireless stack includes a complete software MAC (Media
Access Control ) implementation, WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy),
WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access), a ‘link-layer’ bridging module,
hostapd, QoS (Quality of Service) support to prioritize things like
VOIP (voice over IP), 802.11g support and full debug

“All of this comes in a single implementation that drivers can
use without rewriting those features themselves, which sadly has
been done multiple times in the Linux Wi-Fi world,” Torvalds


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