LinuxCIO: Solaris is from Venus, Linux is from Mars

“I thought SUN’s new release of Solaris 10 on x86 would be a
great place to start my Blog. If you’re looking for detailed
feature descriptions, you can find those on the SUN web site, or
even get a perspective from any number of industry analysts. My
goal here is to highlight all the things that SUN might not be
telling you about Solaris 10/x86, but that you really should know
about, or at least questions to be asking. Keep in mind that this
discussion is about Solaris on x86 and SUN’s attempt to take on
Linux, unless I specifically call out Solaris on SPARC.

“While it should be obvious, be very clear that Solaris on SPARC
is NOT Solaris on x86. There are a couple of reasons why this is
significant. First, all of your Solaris/SPARC applications don’t
work. So, just because you have a Solaris application doesn’t mean
it’ll run on Solaris/x86. I do have to give SUN some credit for
marketing these things as though they are one in the same…”

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