LinuxPlanet: UserLinux Beta 1: The Precursor to the Next Enterprise Linux Distro?

“UserLinux is a Linux distribution with very high aspirations.
Founded and backed by Linux luminary Bruce Perens, part of the
UserLinux mission is to repair the economic paradigm of enterprise
Linux. The recently released UserLinux Beta 1 is perhaps a tangible
small step on the path toward achieving its lofty ambitions.

“It wasn’t that long ago when Linux was just Linux and not
broken down into the hobbyist, desktop, and enterprise
classifications. That was when Linux was only considered worthy by
many enterprises for edge-of-network and non-mission critical
applications like file and Web servers.

“Linux has since evolved and so have its users; enterprise users
want enterprise distributions with all the support, features and
security that define the modern IT infrastructures. Yet somehow
along the way, the current enterprise distributions, while
delivering Linux to enterprise users have also, in the view of
some, broken faith with some of the altruistic ideals of free