LinuxPR: Bynari, Inc. Announces Global Alliance Initiative

“In an open letter to Linux Consultants, Tom Adelstein discusses
Bynari’s desire to identify with other Linux consultants. With a
cart full of incentives, Bynari feels it can help firms looking for
a global alliance. Bynari already assists its alliance partners
with business referrals, VAR equipment and service purchases at
lower prices, marketing and assistance in winning bids from
international organizations who only want to deal with larger

“We want to share an identity, resources, ideas and success,”
says Adelstein. ” Bynari has made great strides toward becoming a
successful consulting firm. We know we face many challenges and
through these see great opportunities. As we build a foundation for
the successful practice of consultancy, we remain keenly aware of
competition from larger firms who have the resources to capitalize
on our very accomplishments. While we welcome their endorsement of
Open Source, none of us wish to return to a work place which such
organizations have perpetuated.”