LinuxPR: GeekCast.Com Network Jumps into Traditional Radio Broadcast with Launch of “The GeekCast Hour”

“Jeff Gerhardt, chief executive officer of GeekCast.Com
and co-host of The Linux(R) Show!! stated today,
“We made a major leap forward in the growth of GeekCast as a
business entity this week. We are finalizing negotiations on
purchasing airtime on a major Chicago market radio station. We are
planing to begin broadcasting a weekly show about technology and
the Internet, with of course a major portion of the show focusing
on Linux. Our partner radio station has both an FM and AM station.
The deal is done on the FM, but we are still working on a deal to
do a simulcast on the AM. We will be announcing the name of that
partner in the next week, or as soon as this final detail is

“This step into traditional broadcast is being done as a
path for us in getting recognition for what we have been doing on
the webcast programs.
We will probably run the show as an hour
long show for a few months, and then expand it to 3 hours as our
advertising base expands. We anticipate that by year end we
will be looking for a syndication partner to bring the show nation

“Kevin Hill, co-host of the show stated, “we will be doing a lot
of Techno music on this show as well. The show will have a
geek audience, so we might as well play music that
they like. Also featured on the show will be a telephone call in
segment where we will answer any Linux or computer questions in
general, LIVE during the show. The presure will be on, but we are
geeks afterall, so we can cut it.””