LinuxPR: IPSN Application In Production

The French National Institute for Nuclear Safety and
Protection uses Open CASCADE for modeling extremely precise 3D

“The Moret Graphic Editor developed by the Institut de
Protection et de Sûreté Nucléaire (IPSN) is now
in industrial use. This application is based on Open CASCADE open
source modeling components and calculates extremely precise 3D
environments in which the IPSN simulates neutron behavior and
neutron interaction within matter to determine the effective
multiplication factor characterizing the criticality of fissile
media. The Open CASCADE team at Matra Datavision ensured both the
original development and its evolution, as well as porting on
Windows NT and Ilog Views 2.1. For more information, see

“Open CASCADE is the leading Open Source tool for 3D modeling
and is dedicated to the development of trade-specific technical and
scientific applications ranging from mechanical CAD/CAM/CAE to AEC
and GIS.”