LinuxToday.com.au: Interview with Matt Allen, Founder of Linux Worx

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for this link. ]

Matt Allen is the founder of Linux Worx Pty Ltd, a company
which “came about from years of frustration with a certain M$
operating System”.
Readers may note that LinuxToday.com.au
recently published a story dealing with Sydneypix.com, a site which
was developed with Linux Worx’s help. LinuxToday.com.au asked Matt
some questions about Linux, business, Australia, and his favourite

“LT: How did you decide that there was enough demand out there
for a Linux based business such as Linuxworx?”

“Well, i actually took an educated punt. When i started
linuxworx (only 6 months ago) Linux was still no where near being
accepted commercially, and it still isnt really but I had a gut
feeling that it would take off. Now it has all come true, I have
more work than i can handle.”