LinuxWorld: Where Is Sun Going with Linux?

Sun is going through the process of adapting itself
to disruptive technology such as Linux. In terms of Linux, how is
Sun going about this?

“There are two different questions that you have asked, maybe
three. What is Sun’s viewpoint on open source? What is Sun’s
viewpoint on Linux? What is Sun’s viewpoint on Red Hat? Sun was
founded on the principle of open source. We have contributed more
lines of open source code than any other entity on the planet
except for Cal Berkeley. By the way, Bill Joy was one of the
founders of Sun and was instrumental in the BSD work that took
place at Cal Berkeley. NetBeans, Sun Grid Engine, OpenOffice, and
Solaris are all technologies that use the open source process, and
we will continue to do so. We’ll remain a heavy contributor on the
open source front, and it will remain a key component of how we
develop software…”