Mano a Mano with Microsoft: Update

“That’s not because either I or Microsoft chickened out, but a
consequence of the fact that the CIO of Newham, Richard Steel, for
whose benefit the meeting was being held, has rather suddenly and
unexpectedly announced that he is retiring. In the wake of this
news, I contacted Microsoft, and we agreed that there was little
point holding the meeting as originally planned.

“However, I was very conscious of the huge amount of effort that
people had put into this matter, and so I wondered how that might
be salvaged. Since the issue of how Microsoft behaved during the
ISO process is still a very live one, it seemed to me a worthwhile
exercise trying to pull together a summary of certain aspects of
what happened last year. Since the whole point of doing this was to
hear Microsoft’s response, I asked the company whether they would
be interested in writing a reply to my post, and they have agreed
to do so.”


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