Microsoft’s Pyrrhic Victory in the Netbook War

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for this link. ]

“Next, it has laid down that netbooks running Windows
cannot use hybrid storage — that is, solid state and a hard disc.
Finally, it has redefined the netbook as a “low cost small notebook

“These are all incontrovertible signs that Microsoft simply
hates the netbook sector, and wants it to go away. It is doing
everything it can to dissuade users from buying them, manufacturers
from making them, and everyone from naming them. The reason why it
wants the netbook to vanish is simple: thanks to GNU/Linux, it
makes no money in this market. Worse, netbooks are, indeed,
cannibalising its profits in the notebook sector — which is why it
is trying to redefine them as notebooks so that it can “re-align”
consumers’ expectations — that is, charge more.”

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