Mindcraft 2.0: Firefox Comes of Age

[ Thanks to Glyn
for this link. ]

“But in another important respect, the company has
learned nothing. Unsurprisingly, the benchmarks show that Internet
Explorer 8 is “better” than Firefox – Microsoft
wouldn’t have published them otherwise. But, as with the Mindcraft
report ten years ago, the very existence of the report shows that
Microsoft is now officially worried about Firefox’s growing

“When Firefox had only a few percent market share, it could be
dismissed as a minority browser for a few enthusiasts. Now that it
holds over 50% in some countries, particularly in Europe, it can’t
be written off so easily. The fact that Microsoft has paid for
these reports shows that Firefox has come of age as a serious rival
to Internet Explorer that might even wrench the browser crown from
the latter’s grasp in the not-too-distant future.”

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