More Reaction to Red Hat/JBoss

Linux-Watch: Red Hat and JBoss: The Good, The Bad, The

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“The news has hit the Linux world like a thunderbolt–two of the
biggest names in open source were coming together. Red Hat was
acquiring JBoss. What does this deal really mean?

“As Scott Donahue, a VP for technology analyst firm The 451
Group, said, ‘The acquisition comes as a bit of a surprise.’

“What was really surprising, though, was that Red Hat was the
company doing the buying…”


SearchOpenSource: Golden’s Rules: Red Hat/JBoss Pairing Bad
News for BEA, Novell

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“Red Hat’s $420 million acquisition of JBoss is a case of the
other shoe dropping, but it dropped in an unexpected place.
Everyone at the recent Open Source Business Conference thought that
Oracle would buy JBoss for $400 million.

“So, there’s a different name on the marriage certificate. Is
that good or bad news? It’s both, and here’s why…”

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