Mozilla CTO Sees an Upside to the Browser Wars

[ Thanks to smk for this link. ]

“In the new browser wars, speed and technology are the key
weapons employed by browser vendors. Sitting in the CTO chair of
open source browser vendor Mozilla is Brendan Eich, the creator of
JavaScript and a former Netscape employee. A veteran of the first
browser war which decimated Netscape and left Microsoft in command
of the field, Eich is not about to yield the field this time around
to anyone.

“With Apple, Google, Opera and Microsoft now all competing for
mind and market share in the new browser war, the challenges and
the stakes are perhaps greater than ever. Yet in this new contest,
it’s not the vendors themselves that will ultimately prevail, but
rather it is likely that it is the web itself which will emerge

“‘The future of the Web is bright,’ Eich told InternetNews.com.
‘We talk about things like Silverlight and Adobe AIR being a threat
to the open Web but they won’t succeed in displacing the reach of
the Web. Competition is going strong in the Web browser market and
I think that will bring them all up towards parity and keep them
evolving in ways developers want.'”


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