NewsForge: Canadian Online Census Discriminates Against FOSS

“In 2006, Canadians can fill out their census forms online for
the first time–but not if they use GNU/Linux, or are free software
advocates who prefer not to install a proprietary version of Java.
The situation raises questions of open access to government that
are familiar to most of the free and open source software (FOSS)
communities, all the more so because other government services are
implementing systems with the same limitations. Yet none of those
whom Newsforge contacted at the Census Help Line, Statistics
Canada, or Bell Canada, the contractor that oversees the
development of security for the site, seemed concerned about the
issues. Nor were they willing to say much when the issues were

“The online census site is supported by Secure Channel, a new
set of unified backend services developed by Public Works and
Government Services Canada…”