Novell: SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10–The Linux Desktop has Arrived

“Two weeks ago, in my first posting, I recounted various aspects
of the Linux desktop. To review: it has previously not had
sufficient features or applications for widespread usage. But, with
Novell Linux Desktop 9, we had an example of a desktop that was
good enough for many applications. And we have been seeing a rapid
rate of innovation for the Linux desktop. I claimed that with SUSE
Linux Enterprise Desktop 10, it is ready for prime time.

“I appreciate the diversity of postings that many of you sent,
both supportive and ‘constructive.’ For those that are skeptical, I
really understand your skepticism–after all of these years of lack
of choice. I do encourage you to try SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop
10 and see for yourself. And in this post, I describe why I believe
that SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 is the right answer. First,
the five high level reasons, and then we’ll take a tour of the
desktop in detail…”