Open Source Observers Sound the Licensing Alarm Bell

[ Thanks to Peter Parker for this
link. ]

“The trend has been called alarmist and over the top. Even a
Microsoft conspiracy theory or two has been floated as
justification for dismissing the rising tide of licensing concerns
surrounding open source software. But even so, some industry
observers are sounding the alarm about the need for open source
software license awareness in the enterprise. For more on open
source and licensing considerations: Licensing issues could hamper
open source adoption

“In the report ‘Open Source Vendor Perspectives: It’s Real, It’s
Hidden, and It’s Bigger Than You Think,’ Bruce Guptill, vice
president of Westport, Conn.-based Saugatuck Technology Inc. said
many IT executives today know that they have Linux in their data
centers, but not which applications run on top of the operating

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