OpenSolaris vs. GNU/Linux: Deathmatch or Lovefest?

“I have been reading the CEO of Sun, Jonathan Schwartz’s blog,
lately and it has some great material. I just love the fact that
many CEO’s blog nowadays, as some of it is quite interesting, and
bold, material. I suppose I would even go so far to say, that if I
read a CEO’s blog and it wasn’t good, I wouldn’t invest in their
company, as I would have my doubts about the leaders intellect and
authenticity. On the other hand, if I read a CEO’s blog like
Jonathan’s, I would be very interested in the company.

“One of the recent posts that Jonathan made was in response to a
flame by Linus. In his response to accusations, by Linus, that Sun
was being disingenuous about truly open sourcing its ZFS file
system, he mentioned that not only was Sun going to open source
everything, but that they were going to do it under GPL3…”

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