PRNewswire: eSoftBank.com Launches E*Linux Strategy in China and Becomes IBM’s Business Partner

“eSoftBank.com Inc. the global software e-marketplace, just
announced the launch of one of its newly conceived products:
Strategy E*Linux, including Linux Configuration Center (Linux CC)
and Powermail. As more and more companies go online, it is
becoming more complicated for them to manage and configure their
networks. That is why ESFB conceived Linux CC, which makes it
easier for users to gain access to the Internet, to configure their
systems and improve their network management.
Powermail was
developed by eSoftBank.com’s registered members, it provides
powerful web mail systems for Chinese small and medium sized

“eSoftBank.com Beijing has become one of IBM’s business
partners. As a system integrator and software developer, ESFB
Beijing will work with IBM to promote IBM’s hardware (including IBM
AS/400, RS/6000, Numa-Q server, printers, etc) and software
products, as well as IBM’s Linux Solutions.”

Press Release