PRNewswire: Linux Business Expo Conference Takes Linux to the Limits

“Tutorials, Education Sessions and Case Studies Will Explore
How Linux Can Help Your Business Grow.”

“A series of tutorials, education sessions, and case studies at
the Linux Business Expo will offer a comprehensive business to
business view of the rapidly evolving Linux marketplace. LINUX
Business Expo is the premiere forum for business and IT managers,
channel professionals, developers and ISPs to learn more about
making an enterprise investment in Linux. The event, April 17-20,
2000, will run alongside COMDEX/Spring in Chicago at McCormick

“‘Over the past few months, Linux has gained support from such
industry powerhouses as IBM, HP, Dell, Oracle, Sun, SGI, Netscape
and Corel,’ said Sonny Saslaw, General Manager, LINUX Business
Expo. ‘As a result, enterprise interest in Linux is growing. LINUX
Business Expo is the only industry event that investigates the
business and technical implications of utilizing or migrating to

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