PRNewswire: LinuxMall.com, Frank Kasper & Associates Complete Merger

“E-Commerce and Brick & Mortar Combine to Benefit

“The merger of LinuxMall.com and Frank Kasper & Associates,
Inc. was finalized in Denver, Colo. yesterday. The merger brings
together two world leaders in the distribution and sales of Linux
products. It will draw upon the strengths of both companies to
serve as a catalyst for the Linux revolution.”

“The two companies initially announced their intent to merge on
February 3, 2000. The merger is based on an exchange of stock and
the new corporation will retain the LinuxMall.com name.”

“Under terms of the merger, LinuxMall.com will continue and
expand its existing e-commerce business. Frank Kasper &
Associates will continue its distribution business, but will pick
up the added responsibility of executing fulfillment for
LinuxMall.com’s e-commerce business.”

“Mark Bolzern will serve as president and CEO of LinuxMall.com.
David Shaw will serve as chief marketing officer. Bolzern and Shaw
will run the corporation’s day to day Denver activities. Frank
Kasper will serve as Chief Operating Officer of the new
corporation. Frank Kasper & Associates will manage operational
details and international activities.”

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