PRNewswire: Upsurge of Attention on Linux Fuels Debut of Linux Business Expo

Major technology decisions will be made in Las Vegas next
week, and professionals considering an enterprise investment in
Linux will flock to the premiere of LINUX Business Expo.
show debuts at the Las Vegas Hilton, alongside COMDEX/Fall ’99, the
world’s largest and most influential IT event, November 15-19, 1999
in Las Vegas.”

“In light of the recent upsurge of attention surrounding Linux,
all eyes will be focused on LINUX Business Expo to see the leading
companies’ strategies for bringing their Linux solution to the
forefront of the business market,” said Sonny Saslaw, General
Manager, LINUX Business Expo.”

“All the major players will be on hand to discuss the impact of
Linux on the enterprise, including Linus Torvalds and John “Maddog”
Hall. Some of the most influential companies in this marketplace
will be featured in the LINUX Business Expo Keynote Series: Robert
Young, CEO of Red Hat, Inc.; Dr. Michael Cowpland, President and
CEO of Corel Corp.; and Ransom H. Love, President and CEO, Caldera
Systems, Inc.”

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