Puppet and Common Errors

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“Error 1: err: Could not request certificate: getaddrinfo: Name
or service not known Probable Solution: Puppet client is not able
to reach the puppet master. This usually happens when you are
setting up a new environment and puppet master’s name is not
resolvable. If you can, put a relevant entry in your DNS and add a
server variable in [agent] section in puppet.conf. Alternatively
you can use /etc/hosts to point the client to the master but you’ll
have to add appropriate entries on the /etc/hosts of both the
puppet master and client.

“Error 2: Starting puppetmaster: Could not prepare for
execution: Could not find a default provider for user Probable
Solution: This happens because of SELinux restrictions. You can fix
this by running a “setenforce 0″ which will turn off the SELinux.
This is required for CA creation only. So you can turn on SELinux
after the puppet master creates CA successfully.”

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