Red Hat Announces Cloud Computing Alliance with SAIC

“SAIC’s ACE Laboratory will serve as the foundation for an open
community, providing an environment to maximize public and private
cooperation focused on solving complex operational and
computational problems. The laboratory provides physical and
virtual environments for hands-on collaboration between SAIC, other
contractors, small businesses, information technology vendors and
government employees. Through emerging technology exploration and
innovative solution demonstration, the ACE Laboratory aims to
foster collaboration and information sharing, promote cloud
computing best practices and deliver low-cost, enterprise-scale
“create once, optimally manage and reuse often” solutions.

SAIC and Red Hat bring commercial patterns and practices
specifically engineered to reduce cost, enable more agile service
delivery and allow DoD customers to overcome barriers to cloud
adoption, including shortage of skills, lack of interoperability
within existing information technology architectures and
complexities of service-level objective achievement. ACE Laboratory
collaborators will learn how Red Hat’s modular and open technology
portfolio, designed to run consistently across physical servers,
virtual platforms and private and public clouds, can be integrated
into their cloud architecture. Organizations working to develop and
implement a cloud strategy can gain the knowledge and practical
experience needed to select open source components for private
Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), develop applications using PaaS
and achieve mission and business objectives by delivering and
consuming Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

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