Replies to Nonsense about Open Source

“My blog a couple of months ago about models of open source
businesses seems to have struck a chord…

“Finally someone from OpenLogic has posted an interesting reply.
Bryan Noll left some comments in a reply to my blog that merit a
proper response.

“First and foremost, I think your assertion that it is not
healthy for a project or open source in general when people who
have no real investment in a particular project offer support for
it is an interesting one… one I’ve not heard before. I think
there’s enough validity to it to make a company like ours consider
it and genuinely examine our responsibility to the open source
projects we support. The result of this examination, in my mind,
would be a demonstrable policy OpenLogic would have in order to
mitigate the potential concerns you’re raising. I’m sure I don’t
know what exactly that would be, so allow me to be vague at this
point. This dovetails nicely though into some of the issues I have
with what you’re saying…”

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