Reuters: IBM sets wireless Web pacts for e-business

“IBM said on Monday it had formed a string of strategic
partnerships with top wireless and Internet names in Europe and the
United States to serve the burgeoning market for electronic
business on handheld devices.”

“The world’s largest computer maker said it had teamed up with
global handset leader Nokia , number three Motorola Inc and palmtop
computer leader Palm Inc on portable devices.”

“It will also work with with world chip leader Intel Corp and
Cisco Systems , the largest maker of equipment that powers the
Internet, and with Symbian, the Psion-led alliance whose EPOC
operating system leads in handheld devices.”

“IBM said it and its partners aim to foster an “open source”
community in wireless — like the Internet-based incubator for the
Linux computer operating system — to speed up development of open
and it is already sharing know how.”

“Asked why global software leader Microsoft Corp was not
included in the grouping, he said: ‘Frankly we don’t see them as a
key player in making this happen’.”

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