Rollout Products and Services with Moodle 2.0

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for this link. ]

“As already discussed, there are a wide range of roles in an
organization which require adequate product knowledge to be
effective in supporting the rollout of a product.

“The sales force needs access to up-to-date product knowledge,
descriptions, and benefits, so they can be effective in providing
solutions to existing and new customers.

“The support staff needs access to not only product knowledge
used in sales, but also a deeper knowledge in other areas so that
they can respond effectively to internal and external queries.

“The finance department needs access to the underlying
principles of the product, the costs of creation, delivery, and
support, so they can manage and understand the impact to the bottom

“The marketing staff needs access to the whole range of product
knowledge to deliver supporting advertising and promotion.

“The end users need product training on how to use the product

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