Salesforce Heroku Offers Standalone Cloud-Based PostgreSQL Data

[ Thanks to Paul
for this link. ]

“The platform-as-a-service provider, owned by Salesforce.com
(NYSE: CRM), announced the new offering – a standalone
cloud-based PostgreSQL database – last week. The company has
offered its cloud-based database services to customers of the
Heroku platform since 2007, but this new release extends it to
customers who only want the database.

“Heroku said it has added a new Web interface for managing
databases and “rock-solid durability” based on Continuous
Protection technology. Continuous Protection uses PostgreSQL’s
write-ahead log (WAL) to create write-ahead logs of each change to
the database’s data or schema and then distributes them to
multi-datacenter, high-durability storage. This creates multiple,
geographically distributed copies of all data changes as they are
written. Soldo said the copies are constantly checked for
consistency and corruption. In the case of unrecoverable hardware
failure, the logs can be automatically ‘replayed’ to recover the
database to within seconds of its last known state.”

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