SCO Files Response to Motions to Dismiss/Convert & Files Objections to Claims

“This is a creative flight into Never Never Land, to a plebian
mind like mine. One thing you have to acknowledge, though. SCO is
never boring. You ask, but why do this? They must know this can’t
work out. Well, what if all you want is to fight for more time,
hoping for a favorable appeal ruling. Then does it make sense?

“In fact, SCO asks first that the motions to convert or dismiss
be denied; next it asks that if the court must do something, that
it choose either to dismiss or to appoint an examiner and keep SCO
in Chapter 11, and if it does either, it asks the court to stay any
order until the court can “have the benefit of” the appeals court
ruling, whenever that may be. SCO suggests that it will be by
September 15.

“It attaches letters from SCO customers, essentially saying that
it would be a hardship for them if SCO goes out of business. One of
them is from a gentlemen who is a CACI, Inc. contractor for the US
Army, if I’ve read the letter correctly, but at the bottom it says,
“This letter is not meant to be an official CACI or Government
endorsement of any product and is to be used to support SCO in
submitting a customer summary to the bankruptcy judge only.”
Another letter is from someone at Business Console Ltd. in Moscow,
“SCO’s premier partner in Russia” whose major customer is Sberbank,
or the Russian Savings Bank, “the largest bank in Russia”. There
are a number of letters from South America.”


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