Seattle Times: Microsoft reports record sales

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“Much of the slowdown came from what Microsoft termed “small
system builders” – custom PC shops that assemble computers for home
and small businesses, and local area networks inside larger
enterprises. Overall, sales by original equipment manufacturers, or
OEMs, grew just 4 percent to total $1.87 billion….”

“Other factors, including increased competition in the PC
business, may have contributed as well. Puget Sound-area “PC
clone” shops reported generally robust sales in November and
December but said they were seeing increased business from
companies requesting “Linux boxes,” based on the free Linux
operating system, as well as computers with no operating system

“Clone dealers said the percentage of Linux computers being sold
is still small – less than 5 percent. But they say demand is
growing. Best Computers in Seattle has hired three technicians to
specialize in Linux installations.”

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