Seattle Weekly: Citizen Microsoft

“Every time Microsoft hires someone in Washington, it creates
3.5 new jobs here. According to the company, Microsoft created an
estimated 117,620 new jobs in Washington between 1990 and 2001. But
while Microsoft promotes the positive impact of success, all this
growth has placed a heavy burden on our schools, roads, and overall

“Most of us accept on faith that what’s good for business is
good for our state. Our Legislature spends much of its time trying
to make Washington a competitive choice for businesses. But it’s
about time we started asking hard questions about where our
competitiveness is taking us and who is pushing the agenda. How is
it that with one of the richest corporations in the world in our
backyard, our state has become less livable…?”

Complete Story

[Editor’s Note: While I recommend you read this whole article to
get the context, the impact of Linux on Microsoft is detailed in
the “Linux: The Next Airbus” section of this story. -BKP]

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