SF Chronicle: They Don’t Do Windows Protestors at Microsoft demand refunds

By far, the best coverage Linux Today has seen.

““We don’t want their Windows, we want our money back,” said
computer programmer Eric Raymond, the leader of the rebellion who
was dressed like Obi-Wan Kenobi from “Star Wars.””

““Calling your reseller is the way to go,” said Microsoft
spokesman Charles Earnest, who tried to keep a smile on his face
even though a crowd of protesters was closing in on him.””

“Yesterday’s demonstrations could be dismissed as the act of a
small but vocal band of Linux fanatics. Yet computer industry
analyst Rob Enderlee of Giga Information Group in Santa Clara said
the protests may be only the first assault by Linux proponents on
Microsoft’s seemingly impenetrable fortress.”

““It may seem insignificant now, but it could overthrow the
whole empire,” said Enderlee, who added that Refund Day events
show Linux proponents “are dangerous because one, they are
organized, and two, they are willing to be heard.””

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