SF Gate: Antitrust Judge Seeks Fast Track for an Appeal

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for this link. ]

“The federal judge who found Microsoft Corp. in violation of
antitrust law said yesterday that he might put an appeal of his
verdict on “a fast track” to the U.S. Supreme Court, bypassing an
appellate court to speed the resolution of the case.”

“Meeting behind closed doors with lawyers for the government and
Microsoft, U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson said: “My
transcendent objective is to get this thing before an appellate
tribunal — one or another — as quickly as possible because I
don’t want to disrupt the economy or waste any more of yours or my

“Such an expedited appeal could not occur until the judge
rules on what sanctions to impose on Microsoft for its
anticompetitive practices
, attorneys told the judge, according
to a court transcript. Jackson said he hoped to receive the
detailed motions on penalties within two months. Attorneys for both
sides agreed to try to meet the deadline.”

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