SJ Mercury: Valley tech leaders voice satisfaction, vindication

“I feel just great. I feel gratified and vindicated as do all
the people at Netscape,” said James Barksdale, former chief
executive of Netscape, which the Justice Department used as the
centerpiece in its case.”

“Barksdale, who testified as a witness for prosecutors, said
Jackson’s findings proved Microsoft is a monopoly and used abusive
tactics to harm competitors and ultimately consumers….”

“Palo Alto-based Sun Microsystems Inc., which is involved in a
separate trial with Microsoft over its Java programming language,
said Jackson’s findings will help technology companies compete
against Microsoft — no matter what the final verdict and potential

A battle has been won on behalf of consumers today. These
facts help destroy the image of Microsoft as an all-powerful force
that can’t be resisted,” said Mike Morris, vice president and
general counsel at Sun.

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