Survey Reveals Churn in Server OS Market

“Frodo versus Lord Sauron; Darth Vader versus Luke Skywalker:
popular culture is certainly filled with titanic struggles between
dueling forces. At times the battle for which OS would win the
server market, Windows or Linux, has been seen in a similarly
over-heated light.

“But beware a simplistic black and white viewpoint. Apple, after
all, has been portrayed as a bearer of the sword of truth for
decades. Yet its recent overwhelming iPhone/iPod/iPad success has
caused some to lose faith. You can’t be good if you are the biggest
technology company in the world. Thus some believe that Apple may
have moved over to the Dark Side – and so it might eventually
go for Linux as a server OS if it becomes as popular as some

“Ten years back, Linux advocates squarely cast the open source
OS as the good guy in the white hat. But then just about everyone
in the x86 field used a Microsoft system inside their servers. Only
a relative handful fiddled with Linux.”