Tiny Linux Plug Computers: Wall Wart Linux Servers

“Ever wish you could set up a small, efficient server? Maybe
you’re setting up a mail server for a couple of people, or
something to hand out music files over a home network. Do you
really need a full-fledged PC with a noisy fan, sucking down 100
watts and heating up the room?

“Fortunately, there’s a class of computers ideally suited to
that sort of job: “plug computers”, sometimes called Sheevaplugs
after an early model. The whole computer is built into the bit that
plugs into the wall, so they’re barely bigger than a normal “wall
wart” power supply. They use power-efficient ARM CPUs, so you can
run a server with only 5 watts. They’re inexpensive, usually just
over $100 for a plug with 512M RAM and 512M flash. Best of all,
they come with Linux installed right out of the box.

“Interested? Here’s what you need to know to get started in plug


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