Ubuntu 10.10 manual disk partitioning guide

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for this link. ]

“The installation program on Ubuntu desktop is pretty
basic. It lacks the other features, like support for LVM, RAID, and
full disk encryption, that the Ubuntu text installer edition has.
By default, it creates just one partition onto which it installs
everything. If you want to install Ubuntu on a disk with separate
partitions for the major file systems, you will have to partition
the disk manually.

“This tutorial presents a step by step guide on how to partition
a hard disk manually for installing Ubuntu 10.10. Note: This
tutorial covers installation on a computer with a single disk and
no other operating system already installed.

“The image below is the first during the installation process
where disk partitioning is about to begin. Like virtually all
graphical installation programs, the Ubuntu installer is capable of
detecting the presence of another OS on the disk. If there is, it
is also capable of installing itself alongside the other OS –
if you opt to. For this tutorial, the option to select is “Specify
partitions manually (Advanced)”. That option offers the freedom to
partition the disk anyway you want. Click on the Forward button to

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